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What are Revenue Leaks?

Revenue leaks, or revenue leakage, is the term used to describe revenue that has been delivered or rendered but not properly accounted for. According to studies, the losses resulting from these leaks are far from negligible, and over a longer period of time they add up to considerable amounts.

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Modern Forecasting: The 5 Levers to Optimize Demand Forecasting

If implemented correctly, demand forecasting has demonstrably positive effects. Here we present five levers for optimizing your forecasts.

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Forecast Value Added (FVA): Measuring the added value of each forecasting process step

Value-added analysis can validate how valuable time and resources are spent wisely on demand forecasting.

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Forecast Value Added (FVA): Forecasting is a waste of time until the added value is proven

The hypothesis is: Forecasting is a waste of time until proven otherwise. Forecasting Quantify and question added value.

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Forecast Value Added (FVA): Making sense of time and resources for demand forecasting

A simple framework helps to target demand forecasting by prioritizing use cases.

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Where do revenue leaks originate?

Revenue leaks occur because business rules and market realities are not mapped loss-free in systems. Revenue leaks arise from the sum of small software or configuration errors.

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