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Platform and Operations

the key to value delivery


Valuable digital customer relationships are based on an engaging and smooth customer experience. Delivering these requires effective, reliable communication channels built on digital platforms: This is where all the accomplishments from earlier stages are combined to create innovative applications.

Flowtap creates custom-built IT and cloud strategies that decrease time-to-market and enable rapid value generation. A unique combination of technology platforms and managed services effectively shortens the path to innovation and makes complexity manageable. This creates platforms that serve as enablers for your own employees and establish high-quality processes for digital value delivery.


Together with you, we develop powerful IT platforms for strong customer relationships based on your individual requirements. Focussing on your digital USP, we create the technical blueprint for digital value creation - and integrate it into the existing IT strategy and system landscape.


IT strategy

Connecting IT and customer value.

Digitization is constantly putting existing business models to the test, so that processes and channels have to be radically reassessed. The objective of any IT strategy should be to optimally support and efficiently transform the core business. This requires a consistent alignment of the IT strategy with the requirements of the digital value creation roadmap as well as the constant review of existing strategies.

We offer valuable expertise and provide answers to critical questions around technological innovation, cloud computing and people development in your organization.

Cloud architecture

Leveraging the potential of the cloud.

Digital platforms are increasingly built on cloud technologies. One key advantage of these is the flexibility of different computing and storage components, which can be combined like building blocks to create the best solution for the specific use case. Well-designed interfaces and error-resistant and secure architectures are a critical success factor to achieve maximum productivity, agility and cost efficiency.

Depending on your use cases, IT landscape and capabilities, Flowtap provides know-how and experience in developing cutting-edge cloud architectures, precisely aligned with the data strategy and the use case roadmap. In addition to functional requirements, aspects like data protection (GDPR), compliance, automation, security and maintainability are taken into account.



Application architecture

Designing the blueprint for success.

To deliver value, software and apps need to be embedded into the daily business. we support you in identifying the most suitable architectures and technologies to deliver solutions faster. To save additional development time and resources, we also leverage innovations like no-code or low-code platforms and managed cloud services.

Depending on your specific use cases, your IT landscape and capabilities, we support you both in designing the appropriate application architecture and in selecting the most fit vendors and technologies.


Delivering value reliably and efficiently.

Compelling digital customer experiences are available 24/7 and provide an attractive user experience and high-value content. High expectations lead to enormous challenges because these digital channels have to be delivered in high quality on a permanent basis.

Flowtap's methodology helps establish appropriate methods, processes, and communication channels between teams so that software can be created and delivered in a resource-efficient and reliable manner.



Project delivery

Making projects successful.

In addition to classic project management skills, successful digitization also requires foresight at the technical level. In this way, project risks can be anticipated and taken into account proactively.

Flowtap drives your implementation initiatives as project manager or in a coaching role as an objective third party. We translated our in-depth experience in Data Science and AI into a project management framework that covers the strategic big picture as well as the operational level. This method always provides all stakeholders (management, business, experts and technology) with a clear view of the project.

We’d like to see ourselves as part of your team: with our hands-on mentality, we build solutions even in difficult situations.


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Case Studies for Platform & Operations

Some of our projects and solutions

Why Flowtap?

empathy for the customer's perspective, deep know-how and many years of experience


We have many years of experience

We provide in-depth knowledge from hundreds of projects. Our award-winning solutions add value for customers every day.


We combine methodology and creativity

In our work we use proven methodologies. However, we know that major breakthroughs also arise from creative ideas.


We understand different perspectives

Digitization and technology do not exist in a vacuum. We understand the many different views and needs of various stakeholders.


We create holistic Solutions

It is very important to us that our customers knowhow and solutions that are well integrated and always expandable.


We recognize individual advantages

We don't lump anything or anyone together and always strive for finding the specific USPs of people and organizations.


We are technology-agnostic
We have a holistic view of all available technologies and leverage them to build the best solutions.