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Define the destination. And map out the journey.

Understand the competitive advantages of digitization, define the action plan.

Digital Value Creation

The key to success


At the core of digital innovation – based on artificial intelligence, cloud, CRM or any other technology – lies a crystal-clear concept for how to create value. By that, we mean the interplay of customer experience, value propositions, use cases, channels and operations as the foundation for strong competitive advantages. These are driven by a rapidly changing technology landscape that must be understood to devise the right strategies. With our proven methodology, we help you create success stories delivering viable use cases, products and services.


Together with you, we work out how digital value creation "clicks" with your customers. We show you ways to operationalize value and implement them with you. In the process, you draw on our experience, best practices and proven methods.


Digital products

Build digital products and services with leverage.

Digital value creation means much more than just rolling out software. Flowtap's first priority therefore is understanding your company, your positioning and your products: We analyze strengths, weaknesses and the specifics of the organization and the business - and identify how technology impacts all of those. This way, we deliver strategies for digital value creation, digital products and new revenue potential.

Digital customer relationships

Manage customer journeys and strengthen customer relationships.

Digital customer interactions (touchpoints) are the key building blocks of successful demand generation and customer relationship management. They happen every second on the website, in the app, on the web store but also inside your enterprise software. But they also happen indirectly: during customer conversations or on the web, when people talk about, compare and research brands and products. Together with you we design solutions to orchestrate these customer relationships, to spot valuable signals and to turn them into competitive advantages.



Use case design

Flesh out how value is created

Use cases make digital value tangible and concrete. To do this successfully, many questions have to be answered around value propositions, feasibility, available data, performance measurement, resource requirements, and many more. That is why use case discovery is a challenge for many organizations. We help you identify and prioritize the right use cases and your specific digital USP. Together with you, we build the organization to manage use cases effectively to create successful projects and solutions.

Digital product management

Build mission-critical knowhow and product organizations.

Successful digitization is driven by digital products and services. More and more companies are therefore expanding their existing offerings with innovative apps, portals, marketplaces, smart assistants and many more. These combine AI and software, building bridges into the digital world.

The cornerstones for these initiatives are wide-ranging expertise and skills in digital product management – the interplay between customers, business and technology.

We support you in building innovative, digital products and services. On top of that, we enable you to build the product management organization around them to innovate successfully in the long term.


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Case Studies for Digital Value Creation

Some of our projects and solutions

Why Flowtap?

empathy for the customer's perspective, deep know-how and many years of experience


We have many years of experience

We provide in-depth knowledge from hundreds of projects. Our award-winning solutions add value for customers every day.


We combine methodology and creativity

In our work we use proven methodologies. However, we know that major breakthroughs also arise from creative ideas.


We understand different perspectives

Digitization and technology do not exist in a vacuum. We understand the many different views and needs of various stakeholders.


We create holistic Solutions

It is very important to us that our customers knowhow and solutions that are well integrated and always expandable.


We recognize individual advantages

We don't lump anything or anyone together and always strive for finding the specific USPs of people and organizations.


We are technology-agnostic
We have a holistic view of all available technologies and leverage them to build the best solutions.