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Data and AI

The key resource of digitalization


Digital value creation is based on the systematic utilization and interpretation of data. Data must be turned into tangible products and services solving real problems unlocking new potential for growth. Bridging this gap between business value and technology is complex and therefore challenging for many organizations.
We have created a systematic framework for our customers that outlines the steps to make AI driven products and services reality. In doing so, we combine excellent technology skills with the human aspects of digitization and a clear approach to product management.


We think of the complete data value chain. With a sophisticated data strategy, we translate your data initiatives into a clear roadmap. We work with you to identify data-driven use cases that create business value and develop solutions for data science and AI. We also make sure that your solutions run smoothly in day-to-day operations.


Data strategy

Operationalize the value of data.

Turning data into value requires a coherent strategy that connects customer value, the customer experience, the business strategy, and technology. Based on these building blocks, we create your strategic analytics use case portfolio and translate it into business cases for your products and services. We specify your target data ecosystem and show you how to build valuable data assets. Finally, these are translated into a data architecture and an operating model.

AI use case design

Make the value of data tangible

Use cases make data products and services tangible. To design effective use cases, many questions need to be answered: the value proposition, feasibility, data inputs, performance measurement, resource requirements, and many more. This process is called Use Case Discovery and pave the way for sustainable value creation. Therefore, it is essential to identify, critically evaluate and strategically prioritize the right use case and the most promising digital USPs in this phase. This is how you generate successful projects and solutions.



Data engineering & architecture

Enable access to high-quality data.

Providing the right data in the necessary quality is a major challenge and builds on complex concepts such as data lakes, data warehouses and pipelines. The number of possible data sources are growing rapidly and new techniques for data processing emerge constantly. Our experts help you navigate this landscape and build robust and scalable data pipelines that integrate data, keep it up-to-date, cleanse it, enrich it, ensure its quality, and deliver it in the right form. In doing so, we leverage time-tested architectures, best practices and technologies.

AI implementation & data science

Build reliable solutions that deliver value.

Based on your use case, we develop customized solutions leveraging machine learning and AI. We make sure that the solution delivers tangible value for the business. We select and evaluate the algorithms and tools fit for the task, always taking into account maintainability and smooth operations. In agile iterations, we create innovative AI solutions for your organization - with the practical advantage that your employees are involved from the very beginning, which ensures high acceptance in production.



DataOps and MLOps

Operate and continuously evolve AI solutions.

After building your AI and machine learning solutions, they need to be embedded in your existing system landscape to deliver value. New data makes it necessary that the underlying models must evolve in an automated manner. We ensure this continuous process with means of monitoring and control that adapt your models to new requirements as needed. In all phases, we ensure scalability and security of the AI solution to enable highly efficient processes for optimal effectiveness in day-to-day business.


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Case Studies for Data & AI

Some of our projects and solutions

Why Flowtap?

empathy for the customer's perspective, deep know-how and many years of experience


We have many years of experience

We provide in-depth knowledge from hundreds of projects. Our award-winning solutions add value for customers every day.


We combine methodology and creativity

In our work we use proven methodologies. However, we know that major breakthroughs also arise from creative ideas.


We understand different perspectives

Digitization and technology do not exist in a vacuum. We understand the many different views and needs of various stakeholders.


We create holistic Solutions

It is very important to us that our customers knowhow and solutions that are well integrated and always expandable.


We recognize individual advantages

We don't lump anything or anyone together and always strive for finding the specific USPs of people and organizations.


We are technology-agnostic
We have a holistic view of all available technologies and leverage them to build the best solutions.