Artificial intelligence from
roadmap to go-live

Technology, design and business expertise to deliver data science projects from strategy to implementation

Your challenge

You ask yourself what’s possible with artificial intelligence and data science. You have burning questions about your business or customers and you know that answers lay buried within your data. You want to optimize your processes and expand your competitive advantages. Or you need to improve your products and services. A lot of potential and value can be unlocked from your data to achieve exactly that.

And most often less is more. You need to find the simplest yet most effective solution from a huge number of possible solutions. Complex volumes of data need to be condensed into the essential signals. Processes need to be enhanced with artificial intelligence exactly at the point of maximum leverage, so that trendy technology does not become an end in itself.

Our services

We cover the whole value chain from strategy to go-live and beyond.

AI Consulting

Explore what’s possible with your data and create a roadmap.

Data Science

Get answers to your critical business questions.

AI Development

Enhance your processes, systems and products with artificial intelligence.

Our approach

Business focus

We are focused on your marketing, sales and service processes and the customer experience. We put these at the center of all design and technology decisions. We are fluent with technologist as well as business people.

Design thinking

With our proven approach, we find innovative solutions to complex problems. We turn ideas into prototypes and validate them through short, cost-efficient feedback cycles. This gives you new perspectives on your business.

Data science

We master a variety of data science tools and techniques. When conventional approaches cannot help, we produce breakthrough insights, reveal hidden connections, patterns and aha moments.


We don’t stop at analyzing. We have the expertise and technology to embed artificial intelligence in your systems, processes and products – making them “smarter” every day. This ensures lasting impact on the daily business.