Artificial intelligence with impact on your daily business

The Flowtap smart assistant platform makes optimizing your processes with AI simple

Flowtap in 90 seconds

The Flowtap platform combines process mining with powerful smart assistant technology. It connects to your existing systems and shows how to improve your marketing, sales and services processes. The smart assistant turns those insights into tangible recommendations or micro reports and delivers them to the right people at the right time. This reduces information overload and makes sure that nothing important falls through the cracks. And it delivers only the most important information when its needed. AI is embedded into your daily business, into your systems, processes and products.

Use cases


More proactive processes

Time savings

Higher productivity

Higher ROI of your software


Insights and decision support at the right time

Smart assistant technology connects predictive insights with execution. It consistently identifies, prioritizes and follows up on the best next actions across the whole organization, putting analytics into action. This saves employees valuable time and improves time and resource utilization.

Process Mining

Deep insights into best practices, risks and priorities

The Flowtap platform connects to your existing data and detects best practices, bottlenecks and the best next actions within your processes. Understand your processes better and improve them proactively. This helps increase compliance, effectiveness and ultimately revenues.

Process Mining


Direct control over the AI

Artificial intelligence only lives up to its full potential when combined with human intelligence. Therefore, the Flowtap platform does not create static reports but interactive visualizations that lets users seamlessly command the smart assistant. This makes insights truly actionable by combining analytics and productivity.

Interaktive Dashboards

Use cases