Enhance your processes and products with artificial intelligence

Data science, design and engineering expertise make AI operational

Your challenge

You want to enhance your systems and processes with artificial intelligence to make them more effective and productive. Or you want to build artificial intelligence into your existing products. In any case, the tools and expertise required for such data science projects differ from conventional software engineering. This is especially true after go-live, when the artificial intelligence needs to be maintained.

Flowtap brings results

We combine design thinking, data science and software engineering to deliver AI solutions. We test and pilot prototypes early in the project to collect invaluable feedback, increase user acceptance and to ultimately build a better solution.

Solution design

We develop prototypes with you to implement and test ideas as quickly as possible. This leads to better solutions in less time and involves all stakeholders.

Prototyping & Pilot

We pilot prototypes with your people and your customers as early as possible in the project. That yields invaluable feedback, user acceptance and ultimately a better solution.

AI Implementation

We use a wide range of tools to integrate and process different kinds of data. With our platform, we embed AI in your existing processes, systems or products, making them "smarter".

Our approach

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Our technology

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