Explore what’s possible with your data

Data science, architecture and strategy expertise to unlock the potential of your data

Your challenge

There is a lot of talk about big data, artificial intelligence or predictive analytics. Data is considered the key competitive advantage and the primary production factor of the 21st century. So you want to know what is possible with your data. And you need to find tangible solutions and a roadmap for your organization.

Flowtap brings clarity

Together, we bridge the gap between your business challenge and the potential within your data. We explore possible solutions to make your processes, systems and products “smarter” with artificial intelligence. We provide the knowhow about trends, techniques and technologies. And we don’t just mean abstract power point presentations. We dig into your data to validate what’s possible. This results in a clear roadmap and an architecture for your business goals.

Discovery workshops

Together with our specialists you explore technological opportunities and generate new ideas for improving your products and processes with AI. We provide the knowhow about the market, trends and technologies.

Data checks

The data check is a short project of about 3 weeks. We examine your existing data and processes. You get tangible recommendations for how to improve your sales, marketing and service processes.


Together with you, we create a roadmap for your data strategy: this comprises technologies, products, capabilities, the business case, initiatives, competitive advantages etc.

Our approach

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