Get answers to your critical business questions

Data science and communication expertise for clear answers to complex questions

Your challenge

You have burning questions you want to answer with your data. Or you have the intuition that your data holds the potential to make your processes more effective and focused – but you don’t have the time and resources available in-house. We can provide you with data science expertise and experience.

Flowtap brings insights

Together with you we create a plan and analyze your data landscape. We connect directly to your systems or you provide us with a data export. Then we generate results for you using a variety of data science tools and techniques. We employ interactive data visualization to make these results easily understandable.

Data Science Analysis

We connect to your systems or you provide us with a one-off data export. Then our data scientists use a wide range of tools and techniques to generate tangible and practical recommendations for you.


We create stunning interactive visualizations of your results. This makes complex information readily understandable and yields maximum value for your organization.


In short workshops or comprehensive trainings, we explain technologies and analytical results to you people. This facilitates the growth of analytics capabilities within your organization.

Our approach

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Our technology

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