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We optimize the customer experience, improve sales productivity and unlock the potential of your data through artificial intelligence.

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The new capabilities of AI

Targeted use of AI can create huge leverage in your business and boost the ROI of your tools and processes. AI helps your organization with 3 key tasks, that have become incredibly hard in today's complex and dynamic business.

  • Hidden revenue potential
  • Precise campaign targets
  • Cross selling potential
  • Best next actions with customers
  • Hidden buying signals
  • Leads with high fit
  • Best practices of top performers
  • Product recommendations
  • Inconsistent data
  • Key contacts within accounts
  • Need for action during sales cycle
  • Customer churn risks
  • Sales process risks
  • Willingness to buy
  • Forecast errors
  • Right timing of activities
  • Meeting preparation
  • Conflation of disparate data sets
  • Pipeline reviews
  • Resource allocation and planning
  • Review of large data quantities
  • Admin work
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data entry
  • Individual time planning

What we do



Artificial intelligence and data science hold the potential to transform enterprises, but the technology is complex and fast-moving. Effective solutions need to take that into account and need to be tailored to your business and to your competitive environment. After all, your data is a key source of your competitive advantage. We unlock the potential of your data with our expertise, our approach and our technology. Explore what’s possible with your data. Get answers to your critical business questions. Enhance your processes, systems and products with artificial intelligence.

Why Flowtap?

We combine the different skills to deliver innovative data-driven solutions from roadmap to go-live. We focus on the customer experience and your marketing, sales and service processes. Our unique approach and our experience give you new perspectives, simplify complexity and put your business and your people at the center.

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We’re Hiring

We are building an ambitious team of people who realize the potential of data science in the enterprise, who understand the importance of communication and visualization and who are looking for an open-minded work environment. If you want to work on challenging, inspiring, innovative and impactful things with a small and growing team – contact us!