Drive Proactive B2B Sales Execution

The Flowtap Sales Assistant reveals the best next sales actions, improves daily planning & productivity and increases performance across the whole B2B sales organization.

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Achieve more with your time and resources
Flowtap is a B2B sales execution solution for your CRM. A smart sales assistant automates time-consuming grunt work and proactively provides the whole sales team with the insights that help them sell more in less time.
Only Flowtap unifies analytics, data quality and execution
Flowtaps powerful process mining technology complements your CRM to bridge the gap between analysis and action. Flowtap is built to optimize the productivity and performance of each and every rep, every single day. We use artificial intelligence to transform a wealth of data into concise action items instead of complex reports.

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Boost CRM Adoption & Data Quality
Learn about our effective 3-step approach to improve CRM adoption, sales process compliance and data quality
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Pipeline Management
Complement your intuition with a data-driven early warning system. Get clear visibility across the whole sales pipeline to spot hidden deal risks and opportunities to take action at the right time.
Time Management
Flowtap transforms complex data into compact briefings that help you decide better, prioritize faster and plan easier. This lets you use your precious time for those activities that drive most revenue.
Sales Productivity
Slash the time spent for search and data capture. Flowtap collects the most important information automatically and creates more selling time.

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Sell more while others are reading reports.

Pipeline Management
Always know the true health of your pipeline, eliminate deal risks and utilize your precious team resources where they have most leverage.
Coaching & Execution
Gain deep insights into deal progress, team performance and success factors. Spend more time discussing strategy and less time trying to figure out what’s actually going on.
Get more timely and accurate forecasts, early warnings on deals at risk and insights that help you plan better. Drill down into deals to develop your best plan of action.

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Standardize best practices.

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