Next Generation B2B Sales Execution

Our artificial intelligence reveals best practices and effective next sales actions to drive CRM adoption, productivity and sales performance.

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What is Flowtap?
Flowtap is a sales execution solution for your CRM powered by a highly specialised artificial intelligence. It reveals critical patterns in your sales processes and shows how you can make them more effective. A self-learning sales assistant proactively supports your sales teams with early warnings and suggestions. It simplifies and automates busywork and creates more selling time.
Flowtap is the only sales execution solution that optimizes your processes from data quality all the way to forecasting.
Achieve more with your time and resources.
End-to-end sales execution powered by artificial intelligence
A powerful, execution-oriented artificial intelligence complements your CRM and bridges analysis and action. The Flowtap platform drives productivity and performance of each and every sales rep every day. Our technology condenses complex data into clear visual insights and next steps and saves time in the process.

How does it work? 

Sales Reps
  • More selling time and productivity
  • Simplification of CRM and execution
  • Better control over relationships and deals
Sales Manager
  • Better visibility and deep insights into the pipeline
  • Better utilisation of time / budgets / resources
  • Forecast with confidence
Sales Operations & CRM Manager
  • Deep insights into operational sales processes
  • Flexible sales execution capabilities
  • Sales enablement powered by artificial intelligence

Standardize best practices.

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